Friday, March 14, 2014

Tutorial: Customize your Ergo Baby Carrier

I've been wanting to pimp my ergobaby carrier for a while now, black is fine but I like to have fun!  I just bought a beautiful wrap to make into a ring sling and size 3 wrap.

The wrap came in a bag made out of the same material and I knew it was perfect for pumping up the volume on my carrier.  Also, this is another cell phone camera tutorial since I was squeezing this in between tandem nursing sessions.

I ripped it apart first,

Then I got out my plain back ergo and undid the hood webbing through the buckles on top of the pocket.  I  want to add that when you are customizing your carriers, it is important not to cut or alter major components of your carrier, I did not rip out any seams in this customization and stitched through all the layers of the carrier.  Function should not be affected by the additions you make whatsoever.

The fabric was the perfect width when I lined it up over the top of the carrier.

I started at the bottom seam just above the waistband.  I folded the fabric in at least 1/4" and pinned it down.  Then I cut out the pocket section. I made sure to cut it 1/4"in so that I could fold it down around the edge of the pocket.

Pin the fabric on the sides under and finish cutting the pocket. The top of the pocket was a little tricky, it is really tapered in so I cut in towards the taper for the inside, and then cut over to the edge of the pocket on the top so it just hugged around that seam.

The next step was to trim off the top and strap sections,

and then pin the fabric under.

Lastly I pinned the fabric under around the pocket area.

All ready to sew!  Sew around the edges of the outside of the carrier and around the pocket.

Looking good!  But that pocket....

The small pocket for the hood is sewn over the zipper pocket.  Which means that it can't be sewn on the machine without ripping up the zippered pocket.

I pinned the fabric over the pocket and then stitched it on by hand using a backstitch.

It took a while and was kind of a pain because you are sewing from inside the zippered pocket; however it really does complete the look of the carrier.

I am so so happy with how this turned out!  I am really looking forward to matchy tandem babywearing with the twins!