Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sewing for ME!

I've been busy not feeling too hot for the last few weeks, and trying to get in some orders for my friends. Lots of reuseable snack bags, and a couple t-shirt quilts that will be graduation presents. In between all of that, I've managed to sew for myself!

I started with a pair of dress pants that I bought for work. They were ill-fitting, but inexpensive, and I bought them thinking that I would alter them. It didn't happen for a long time, and every now and then I'd have to pull out the ill fitting pants. Yesterday I got so fed up with them that I put them on inside out, pinned them up, and altered them before I went to work. It only took 20 minutes!! I can't believe I put it off for that long, I have a couple more pairs that I want to fix up now that I figured out exactly how easy it is! I looked and felt so much better that day :)

I also had a daughter and daddy free day on Sunday. My fabulous sister took Natalie for the day and the hubs had some side jobs planned. I hosted the first Sewing Group meeting for my mommies group. ( http://www.chesapeakemommies.com/ - for Haford and Cecil County, MD. There is most likely a chapter near you- you can check for locations near you at The Mommies Network home site) We had a blast sewing together! We decided to all do the same project this time- and started with an adorable Sash Bag made with a free pattern made by Aimee at Homespun Threads. She has a bunch of cute patterns, and they're all FREE!

Here is my bag! I used a home dec weight blue houndstooth for the outer, and an antique, french, sewing inspired print for the inside.

Also, Crafterhours started off their 2011 Skirt Week! I entered the Milkmaid Skirt I made for Natalie in August, and I'm planning to try and get some skirts for me in as well!