Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anniversary in DC

We went to Washington, DC yesterday to get in some good quality time and celebrate 3 years of marriage. We haven't gone since field trips in high school, so of course, Natalie had never been there either. We realized once again that we are not and will never be city slickers :) It is quite a nerve wracking adventure. I'd rather have my little home in the sticks of Northern Maryland than the big, flashy city any day of the week.

We had grand plans of doing a couple museums in the first part of the day and then maybe heading to the zoo for a few hours. It did not go as planned, does anything really go as planned anymore?
We started at the National Museum of American History. I didn't take any pictures inside because most of it was too dark for my flash-less camera. There were so many interesting exhibits! Robert spent forever in the Transportation exhibit and I was enthralled by the exhibit of the First Ladies and their fantastic dresses and accessories. We spent the entire morning and some of the afternoon there!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the National Museum of Natural History. It was mind blowing and definitely Natalie's favorite part of the trip. She got to see a tank ful of fish from the coral reef (aka Nemo & Dory from her favorite movie), a large stuffed bison, and the huge elephant in the Rotunda. I was captivated by the gems and minerals exhibit. It is so amazing to see how gems are created and the subtle differences in the structure of their atoms that makes diamonds so much harder than quartz.

Bug's quite serious "ouch!" face :)

Unfortunately, it was the kind of day where once Bug caught sight of the camera she became uncooperative and unreasonably grouchy. We have exactly zero nice pictures of us together.

Yeah, it was that kind of day for the camera. However, it was a great, long, exciting day our family.