Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Raise Your Glasses for Normal!

So yesterday was a normal day. You would think that normal would not be remarkable, but I had a *normal* day guys. A day without my anxiety, my old "normal."  It was not perfect, it had stressful times and great moments like every day. However, it was like for the day I took of my anxiety glasses and could see clearly.  I used to be a roll with the punches kind of girl, nothing could keep me down or make me lose my cool. My mom actually asked me to go a little bridezilla on her while we were wedding planning. PPD gave me some killer reactions to stress and anxiety that range from panic attacks to losing my cool to irrational tears and such. Little things can set off big reactions that I have to work hard to control. it is a big personality shift for me, and yesterday I could roll with the punches just like I used to. I wanted to say that it felt amazing, but it didn't. It just felt NORMAL, which is so, so much better.

Today isn't quite the same. I am post-night-shift-got-2.5-hours-of-sleep-tired and I got a text message that we have a showing right before I have to go to work tonight. Went downstairs to disover that half of the walls and furniture have been tagged with asterisk snowflakes by my nearly 6 year old  and the 3 year old has made handwashing a nightmare because "he wants to keep his germs." Working hard to deal today, but looking forward to taking off the anxiety glasses again soon! Let's raise our glasses for normal! *clink*