Saturday, January 8, 2011


So, apparently blogging didn't stick very well the first time. I went back to work, and things got CRAZY. I didn't follow through on my South Beach plan, I didn't even crack the cover of the book. I didn't finish the upstairs bathroom. I have been a better wife, and I've been trying my darndest to be a great mother and balance my job, which is proving to be very difficult. I wish that I could just spend all my time teaching and playing and being with Bug, sigh... Maybe someday soon.

In the meantime, I have been pretty darn crafty and loving every minute of it. I've made halloween costumes, hairbows, i spy quilts, a play kitchen, and oodles of clothes and diapers and toys for Bug. I am so inspired by the great crafty blogs that I follow, and I would love to be someone who inspires others to create as well. I may have to build up my blogginess little by little, so my first baby step is to share pictures of things that I have already created once in a while. I would also like to create a bit of a record of how Bug is growing, another thing that I am a bit envious that other bloggers have, how special to be able to look back and see everything we've done!

Here's to a New (and hopefully bloggy) Year!