Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crown fit for a Princess

 I'm trying to do more crafts and sewing projects with Natalie these days.  She usually sits at the sewing machine with me and lifts the presser foot, etc...  The problem was that half the time she wasn't really vested in the projects since they were my ideas, not hers.  New strategy- let her come up with the projects.  Brilliant, right?
 Of course, the first thing she asked to make was a crown so she can be "Princess Aurora Natalie" like Sleeping Beauty. 
 We measured her head, drew out the crown on felt (we covered rectangles, triangles, counting, and measuring just drawing it out together :)  We used two layers of felt for stability, and sewed them together near the edge and joined the two ends together.  It was also her idea to decorate it with beads,  She picked them out and told me where to put them, and I really really tried not to influence her choices :)  Before you say choking hazard 3 times fast- all the beads are individually tied and they are on there pretty good.  We would have to really be trying to get one off.
Note:  The enchanting "princess" outfit was entirely Natalie's choosing, and I love it right down to the rain boots :)