Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Got Twins?

Well, I do!

Talk about the surprise of your life.  Finding out there are two little babies instead of just the one we were expecting is definitely going to be on our list of the top surprises of our lifetime.

We are so blessed and these twins will be the perfect addition to our family.

A brother for Nathan

and a FEISTY little sister for Natalie.

Baby Girl actually kept her parts a secret at the first ultrasound we had.  Then at the second one 3 weeks later, she decided to keep the state of her internal organs a secret as well and wouldn't let us get the pictures we needed for an anatomy scan.  She also loves to push on my GI tract and give me heartburn.  It's a good thing, she will need to be feisty to keep Natalie in check :)  Baby Boy is quite active, but behaves pretty well for a sonogram once his sister stops pushing him around. (Weirdest yet most awesome part of twin pregnancy = watching them interact with each other during the ultrasounds.  I can feel them kicking me, but I can't feel when they are kicking each other.)  They will make their entrance into the world in late February or early March.

Since you are all wondering-
1. No, twins don't really run in my family.  I have an identical twin grandmother, but that is not something that is hereditary.
2. Yes, they are fraternal.  They each have their own little sack and placenta.
3. No, I wasn't as shocked as you might think.  I had very little trouble wrapping my head around the idea of twins.  I love the idea of twins, and that I can get two babies out of one pregnancy ;)
4. Yes, I am well aware that you are quite glad it is me and not you.  I could tell by the way you said "wow" when I shared the news.
5. Yes, I will have to sell my car.  And buy a minivan.  And maybe a bigger house while we're at it.
6. I am in fact exhausted, though no longer nauseous, in pain, growing a bump exponentially faster than my last two, and generally dying.  But I will say that I'm fine, and I might even sound convincing.
7. Despite the fact that I have had this conversation countless times in the last 4 weeks, and it has become a little predictable, I never get tired of talking about my babies and I love that my friends and family and complete strangers are so interested.

I have been hitting pinterest hard looking for the best ways to parent (and craft for) twins.  I think some of these ideas are definitely in my future.  Especially this one

I've got a few things that I've been working on to share, once I find the perfect combination of energy, time, and lighting to photograph them.  I wouldn't hold your breath on that one ;)