Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Alphabet I-SPY Ticker tape Quilt

 For Christmas I made Nate an i-spy quilt of his very own.  I saw the Alphabet I-Spy Labels by Crafterhours and knew I had to design a quilt around them.  I decided on a tickertape style of quilting, though true tickertape quilts usually are made of small scraps of fabric instead of 4" squares.

 Has anyone else ever noticed how difficult it is to design with 26 of something?  Designing this quilt made my eyes twitch because nothing I came up with satisfied my obsessive compulsive tendencies when it comes to symmetry.  Poor "Y" got stuck in between "X" and "Z", and the eye twitching was resolved with marginal success.

If you would like to make this quilt, the printable pattern can be found here.  I wanted this quilt to be a little longer than it necessarily needed to be so that it would be a decent coverlet for Nate's bed. I originally came up with a 44"x44" quilt design that only used the alphabet i-spy blocks.  Pattern for the 44"x44" quilt is here.

 I know I really made this quilt for Nate, picking out the perfect set of alphabet i-spy squares that I knew he would love, and using every single transportation themed i-spy in my stash for the coordinating squares.

He loves all things that go and he loves this quilt.   He got to enjoy it for a whole month before I stole it to use with the twins, he he.

We love that is is big enough to put both of the babies on it and still have room to play ourselves.  Those babies are never alone if Natalie is conscious so we need plenty of space to share their sweetness and delight in their crazy expressions.

They LOVE tummy time on this quilt, it is colorful but not too busy, has plenty of contrast with the white background, and gives us lots to talk about while we play.

"Hmm... I bet if I giggled and squealed Nate would share his John Deere tractor with me."

And when we are all done with eating the i-spies, it is nice and cushy for a quick nap.

"Nice try, Mom.  Just kidding."

All in all, my favorite i-spy quilt to date, it is going to be well loved here for many years.