Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One Bathroom Down!

So I finally finished the downstairs bathroom! What a project it has been, but I love to look at the new colors! While I desperately wish there was something crafty that could make the brassy gold shower look great, and that we had new flooring in the budget, it makes me happy to walk in the bathroom and see a bright new space!

I didn't take before pictures, but before it was a muted yellow with an awful wooden medicine cabinet above the sink and periwinkle plaid curtains (that we inherited from the sellers and I despised looking at).

So, the bathroom got a facelift. Paint, a new mirror, wall art, curtains, towels and rugs. We also ditched the toilet paper roll on the wall in favor of a tp stand.

Here are the eyesores that I could not fix, but I can live with now :)

There is actually a boarded up hole to the crawlspace under this rug, and the linoleum has seen better days.

The leaky, brassy shower. Every other fixture in the room is silver or brushed nickel, but they chose a gold, brassy shower...

The old ugly fan with the magnetic cap.

The only thing that keeps the bathroom warm in the winter. You should see the sinister heating element that glows bright orange!

I'm so relieved that it's finished (for now at least). Onwards and upwards! The upstairs bathroom is next!