Sunday, August 8, 2010


I feel incredibly productive today. Yesterday I finished painting that darn bathroom and we hung everything back up, just curtains and exchanging the too-small rugs and I will be ready to share pictures! I also painted the trim in the kitchen white. It was yellow, but some grumpy man in my house thought that since all the other trim in the house is white, the trim in the kitchen should be white too. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I like it better white. It looks very clean :)

The grumpy man I mentioned before was surprisingly productive today as well. He tried to save our kitchen door so that we could hang it back up. This door has been through it all. It is probably close to original to our house (built in 1890), so obviously had been painted on multiple occasions and was looking pretty sad. Thinking that we'd help it out, we decided it would look fabulous with some natural wood stain on it. Enter the saga of the kitchen door, if you make it to the end of it's sad little vignette, I applaud you!

We set to the task of stripping off all those many layers of paint, and were very unsuccessful, as the door has many grooves and little crevices. We scrubbed, scratched and sanded to no avail. In a last ditch effort to rid the door of paint, my brilliant husband decides to powerwash the door. He only succeeded in stripping away all of the soft wood, leaving little ridges all over the door and paint was STILL in the crevices. The door has sat in different areas of our house for over a year, looking very sad and neglected. We decided to restore the door to it's home after filling in most of the ridges caused by the powerwashing with wood filler and giving it a fresh coat of paint. Now that the door has returned, the garbage can is looking for a new home...