Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thrifty and Thriving #4

 My sister and I took the kids to the thrift store this weekend.  I love shopping thrift stores, but I think I might be giving up on Goodwill.  They've raised their prices so much that it is hardly worth it anymore.  I always seem to get some great finds at this thrift store, and I scored some great deals this time.

 A summer dress for Natalie (I don't even have to make any adjustments!) and a little romper for Nathan
 Tea kettle that matches the color of my kitchen cabinets perfectly, frame to contribute to my "wall of frames" collection, and two pyrex dishes.
This duvet cover has tons of yardage, blue dots on one side, green dots on the other.  Natalie has a;ready requested a new dress with the green fabric.

My finds totaled up to  $17.62.  I am pretty happy with myself.

My sister found a caboodle basket for $0.66 (which she was wayyyy too excited about ;) and we were both intrigued by the pan we saw that was just like the one in the picture below.
We picked it up wondering what on earth it could be used for, and lucky us, it was printed right on the pan!  "Danish Ebelskiver Pan" or "Apple Pancake Ball Pan"  That was enough for us.  We hadn't eaten lunch yet, and apple pancake balls sounded like they would be yummy, ha ha.

She kept the pan with her, because apple pancake balls sounded like they would be easy to ruin, and I can ruin mac 'n cheese on a good day.   We're looking forward to trying it out one of these days.