Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sister, Sister!

 Just finished two more t-shirt quilts, this time for two sisters.  (It's  graduation season, so I have two more on my table as well!)

Sister #1 wanted a quilt using just her college soccer shirts.  She is into neutral color palettes and a simple sort of elegance.

 I love love love this fabric combination, especially the floral print sashing around the shirts.  I can't wait to make something from the leftovers!

Sister #2 wanted a quilt that featured all of her favorite high school memories. Her style is very bright and fun, but I wanted to keep it sophisticated enough to grow up with her.  She has to love this quilt forever.

 The fabric in this quilt was not easy to photograph, it didn't come out quite as pretty as it is in real life.  The green/blue/yellow paisley is bright and fun, but I don't think it is stuck in the junior stage.  The sashing is hard to see as well, green infinity loops on a white background complement the paisley very well.

 Two very different sisters with two very beautiful quilts.