Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Doily Canvas Paintings Tutorial

I pinned this project on pinterest a long time ago, and I've had the supplies for a long time as well.  I had even had the blank canvases hanging on the wall for 2 months before I got around to actually painting them.  I buckled down and got to it on Monday, since the hubby took Natalie out for the day and I actually had a "vacation" day with just little Nathan.

I did mine a little differently, since I hate spray paint wanted a more rustic, worn look. I used acrylic paints and 5x5 canvases from a craft store.

I started out painting the base coat on the canvases.  I used a dry, stiff brush and painted Xs until it felt right.

Then I arranged my doilies on top of the canvas and painted over them.  I painted the top coat with a dry, stiff brush using a stippling motion.

I wanted the top coat to be thin enough that you could still get a hint of the base coat.  When the paint is dry carefully pull up the doilies and see your masterpiece.

I did two sets for my wall, so here is what other one looks like.

To get the full effect, you should see them on my dining room wall.

I hope you also enjoy the frames that are still sporting photos that are obviously not of my family.  I still have to send pictures to get printed. I started a gallery wall in our bedroom, and half of those frames are hung and still missing pictures as well.