Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Aunt Bri!

My sister just had a birthday a few weeks ago, and while I was thinking about what to make her I thought of a scarf.  Then I realized that I have given her scarves for the last few holidays over the last few years.  We needed a change.  Enter the ever fabulous goodies from Pick Your Plum.  I scored a $30 grab box and everything I needed was inside!  I did an earring and ring set with the white cabochon flowers, and added some pendants.  The owl is my favorite, but the little bird is so sweet too. Happy Birthday Bri! We love you!


Brianna Frost said...

I have no idea what cabochon means, but those earrings are awesome and I wear them all the time! the owl is my favorite too though. I love the owl trend, but this is definitely the coolest one I've seen. Thank you!