Saturday, April 27, 2013

Owls + Puff Quilt + Diaper Cake = Best New Baby Gift Ever

One of my friends is having a new baby soon very soon, and he just couldn't come into the world without a having dozen embellished prefold diapers/burp-cloths to soil and owlish puff quilt to snuggle on.

I fell in love with these owl prints I found at Joann's (The fabric line is called "Night Owl Club" and I have officially used all that I have.  I am now trying to think of an excuse to buy more!).  Baby couldn't spit up on anything cuter, and I love a good prefold diaper cake. 

  This quilt.  Oh, this quilt was hard to let go.  The puffs are so "fluffly" to quote Natalie, and between the puff and the owls and the soft n fluffy border I just about died.  LOVE, just love it.

I perused the web for tutorials, and ended up getting blogger after blogger referring me to buy the pattern at Honeybear Lane.  Let me say, I'm not usually a "buy the pattern" kind of girl. I usually just wing it.  Two things made me buy the pattern in the end, 1) I was on a time crunch, and it would have taken longer to figure it all out myself. 2) I wanted a quilt just like the ones she makes.

The pattern is wonderful.  I didn't change up too much, but  I did try to accommodate my time constraints. I used the rag puff quilt technique to eliminate the need for binding/backing and extra steps.

The clipping seemed to last forever, but it is awfully cute.  I would recommend not using the ragging technique with the soft n fluffy in the future.  I spent half of my life trying to get rid of all the little threads that stuck to that fluff in the wash.  A normal minky probably would have turned out a little better.  All in all, love the puff quilts. I've already got visions of two more dancing in my heads for friends who are expecting :)


Agata Kmiecik said...

This is unbelievably cute! so adorable! I love it!!

Laura said...

I came across your blog because I was searching for fabrics that coordinate with the Night Owl Club in Midnight! I love the fabric next to that one that has circles of different colors and sizes. Do you happen to know what it's called?

Sarah said...

It from the Wild Thyme collection by Carolyn Gavin, I think this print is called Dots (on white). I bought it in a coop about 5 years ago, so I'm not sure of any places where it might be in stock. I hope you can find it, I only have scraps left of mine :)