Sunday, April 21, 2013

Princess Dress Up Party

My Natalie just celebrated her 4th birthday!  Complete with self-performed haircut just 2 weeks before the event.  I suppose most preschoolers do it at some point, but still, she cut off all of her hair.

Sigh.  I was totally heartbroken for a few days.  Then I got over the shock that was hitting me every time I looked at her and realized she had grown up.  She wanted to make more decisions for herself.    My opinions and desires do not trump her own.  I've never attempted to force things on her, she dresses herself in clothes that don't match, pink and red are her favorite colors so she looks like a red hat lady half the time :), she plays with whatever toys she likes, and makes plenty of her own choices. I thought I was doing a great job at raising her to be free and independent.  She had asked me on several occasions to cut her hair short, and I would trim it a little bit, loving her long hair too much to cut it all off.  I had tricked myself into thinking that she loved her own long hair, but she actually didn't want it.  She took matters into her own hands, and I have resolved to listen to my strong willed, all grown up, 4 year old daughter.

Anyways,  she wanted a "Princess Dress Up Party" for her birthday, and requested a "down low" Snow White princess dress as her birthday present.  I did my best to make it happen!

 The dress was my first experiment with a peasant style princess dress.  I wanted it to have a very twirly skirt, so I added a circle skirt to the bottom of the peasant top.  It worked out alright, but it does sit a little funny at the waistline.
 It is super twirly! And meets the "down low" requirement as in almost reaches the floor.
 And she loves it!

To make her day extra fun I did a little decorating to the playroom.  Tulle transformed out chairs into thrones.

We made princess cupcakes that I had the kids decorate themselves.

Natalie chose Snow White, of course.
 And promptly started to eat her princess on the cob

She loved the dress, and the cupcakes, and the thrones, and the two dozen balloons hanging from the ceiling, but her favorite thing by far was the cardboard castle.  Now I saw this cardboard castle playhouse and knew that it would be perfect.  When I saw it I fell in love with it, it was so fancy!  Then a couple minutes minutes later I went from "Oh that's really fancy!" to "Oh.  That's really fancy."  It is awesome and amazing, but I don't have room for a huge castle playhouse nor do I want to spend $50+  and hours upon hours of time on a cardboard playhouse that I don't have room to keep up around.  Here is my version of a cardboard castle.   It cost me $5.00, some duct tape, and 3 hours of my time.

 I picked up 2 extra large (22"x22"21") moving boxes and 1 small (16"x12"x12") moving box from Home Depot.  I turned them inside out, taped up all the seams, added the arch using the small box, and then cut out the squares on the top for the battlements, cut the doors, and cut the windows. 

 The structure was still not very sturdy.  I taped squares and triangles of cardboard to the corners of the boxes to act as L brackets and make the structure more sturdy.  Like so

I also taped the castle to the floor and the wall. 

As an added bonus, I left the castle to be a blank canvas for all the kids to enjoy decorating.  Natalie chose to draw long lines representing Rapunzel's hair coming down from the castle.

Happy birthday Natalie!  You are the most amazing, independent, brilliant, sassy, and fun daughter I could have.  Love you to pieces :)


Marissa said...

What a cute party! I love the cupcakes & the castle! (:

- Marissa @

Habibti at Home said...

You are so creative, you can see your daughters love for you by the way she smiles in the photos!