Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Arrival!

Two weeks ago we welcomed a little bug into our busy life. Nathan has finally arrived and we are all very much in love with our little baby bear. Although considering that he weighed nearly 10 pounds when he was born, he doesn't seem quite so little as my 7 1/2 pound Bug was :)

It's hard to believe how much life can change in the matter of a few days. I have a whole new perspective as a mother of two beautiful children. I think finding real balance will take some time, but meanwhile, we at least have some semblance of order.
Our little girl has grown into her title of Big Sister over the course of the last two weeks. She started off a little jealous of all the mommy time that Nathan was getting when we got home from the hospital. She had her share of bedtime tantrums, big time attitudes, and outright defiance. Now that things have settled down and mommy is able to balance her time a bit more evenly we are seeing a more helpful, loving sister. She loves her "brudder" and is intensely interested in all caregiving activities that she reciprocates with her own baby dolls.

I am proud to say that I got both kids in the car and left the house just week after he was born! Something I was a little frightened of to be completely honest. We attended our local breastfeeding support group, and I found out that this kid is already back to birth weight and then some. So the middle of the night cluster feedings are paying off! We also ventured into Target to make a run for more breast pads and sour cream. Maybe adjusting to life with two kids will be easier than I thought it would be. ((knock on wood))