Friday, January 20, 2012

Thrifty and Thriving

I have a few new goals to work on now that I can focus on being a homemaker. I am going to start meal planning, couponing, and keeping house with's help. As you may have gathered from my last post, I am a bit domestically challenged. That 50's housewife up there? Not on your life. I honestly just never had the motivation and drive (or skill base) to learn how to be a great cook, or the energy and desire to spend my weekends and evenings keeping my house in impeccable order. Now I have no excuses. 50's housewives- here I come!

We've always been thrifty and conscious of using our money wisely, but I knew I could do better with the grocery bill if I started meal planning and couponing. So I've been learning how to make the most out of couponing, has a great series on learning how to coupon. They also have weekly coupon matchups for the stores that I have in my area. I have no grandiose dreams of a "stockpile" of practically free things that I will never be able to use in all my living days or extreme couponing like spending $0.30 on hundreds of dollars worth of groceries. I just want to save as much money as I possibly can on the things we need.

Since this meal planning/couponing thing will probably be taking up a chunk of my time, I will probably be blogging about it, so I made a new category on the right side of the page for my "Thrifty and Thriving" posts. is like the "Housekeeping for Lazy Dummies" book that I never bought because I was a lazy dummy. The tools that she has on the site are so great, checklists, little tips, organizing ideas, and I love the online calendar with Cozi. I love her baby steps mentality. It keeps me from jumping in headfirst and trying to do it all right away, then getting overwhelmed and stopping everything altogether. My husband is also loving it, because the house is clean on an everyday basis, not just on sundays and wednesdays :)