Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Breathable Bumper and a Nursery for Two

 I can count the number of times Natalie got stuck in the rails of the crib on one hand.  She never needed bumpers of any kind.  The first night I moved Nathan into his crib he got stuck in the rails 3 times.  Waking up 4 times in the night is not exactly my idea of a good nights sleep.    I decided we needed a breathable bumper, and two weeks later, I finally got to work on it.  Of course it took two more weeks to get around to photographing the thing.

I didn't take pictures of the process while I was making it, but it is quite easy.  I measured around the inside of the crib, my crib measured around 4 yards.  If your crib is similar to mine, you will need two yards of fabric and 10 yards of bias tape.  With your two yard piece of fabric, I used a gingham because it matches our bedding and it is very thin, trim the selvage and  cut it in half lengthwise.  Sew the two pieces together to make a 4 yard piece. 
 At this point I checked the fabric against the crib and trimmed it down to the correct size and finished the short edges by folding it right sides together and running a seam along the two short edges.  Turn it right side out and get ready to add the bias tape.  You will need two 5 yard pieces of bias tape, one for the top edge and one for the bottom edge. I left 18 inches of bias tape for the ties on either end   Pin and sew the bias tape onto the fabric and you are finished!

While I was at it I took pictures of the rest of the the room since it became a room for two.  You can see before pictures of the nursery here.

 The twin bed we got from my mom when they upgraded my brother's bed.  The duvet is from Ikea, I love how it melds in with the bright colors and ABC/123 theme of the nursery set.
 The bow board on her wall is actually a memo board on a picture frame.

The reading nook, complete with scribbled chalk on the wall.

 As you can see, the room just barely holds all the furniture, lol.

The quilt is my favorite part of the nursery set :)  The drawers are stuffed with clothes from two kids.  I think we need more space!

 Of course the little shelf is just as pretty as ever with all the lovely books we enjoy reading.  I want to make a piece of subway are for the wall above the shelf.


Jennifer Dawn said...

What a cute room! I especially love the chalkboard wall. You are right! Teachers will always be teachers.

Thank you for the comment on my blog. You have no idea how nice it is to know that someone else can relate. I'm thrilled to be staying home, but it is scary and bittersweet. I hope things go well with opening up your own little daycare. We will have to stay in touch and keep each other posted. :)