Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dainty Dresses: Gingham Wrap Dress

Today's dress is a ruffly wrap dress made from a red gingham.  I started with the Snap Wrap Dress pattern from Prudent Baby.  
(That is her "cheese" smile.  Isn't she just too much ;)

I wasn't feeling the limitations of the snaps, I wanted the dress to grow with her as much as possible, since she has such terrible growth spurts.  I used ties instead of snaps and added strips of ruffles.
The hem was actually a happy accident.  At first I had the dress 2 inches longer, but it looked funny when I put it on her.  I had already sewn the ruffle to the hem, and did not feel like seam ripping, re-hemming and adding the ruffle again. So I folded up the edge 2 inches or so and sewed it down again.  I really love how it turned out.
The ties were easy to add.  One attached to the edge of each side.  Of course that leaves the matter of getting the inner tie out.

A simple buttonhole on the side managed that quite well, and with the ruffle you can hardly see it.
There you are, another installment of Dainty Dresses for summer fun.  This may be her 4th of July attire, does it get more American then red gingham?