Monday, March 23, 2015

There were 4 in the bed and the little one said...

Our house has two bedrooms, it is a fairly small house that a family of six lives in.  We make it work but when I found out we were having twins in our third pregnancy I got a little worried.  I may or may not have found myself googling "Are we people or sardines?" at some point.  We went back to the basic meaning of bedroom.  And put just the beds in the room.

 The theme is owls, you know, just in case there weren't enough of them in there for you to notice all on your own...  Sometimes I go bit overboard, but in my book owl overload isn't really a bad thing. 

 I knew we couldn't do a full on bunk bed.  Nate was 2 at the time and the ceilings in our house are kind of low, not to mention the sloped part that takes it even lower.  So I was just going to go and get an Ikea Kura bed and call it a day.  When I showed the hubby he said that he could make that, only cheaper. And then being the brilliant woman that I am, found this set of plans to DIY a low loft bunk bed.  It went a lot faster when I could give him a shopping list and measurements already completed.

 It's sturdy and perfect.  I am glad we went in this direction because, of course, the 2 year old wanted the top bunk.  Also, the 2 year old has jumped off of said top bunk.  Usually into the crib that is easily within range. Occasionally all the way to the floor.

 You can see that even with the low loft bed, it was tight squeeze getting it in here.  We had to basically cut, sand, and paint all the pieces and then build it right there.

We don't have any room for toys, just books on the bookshelf and this reading area.  I covered all our outlet plates and the light switch with leftover fabric. Mod podge made it super easy and they are cheap enough to just replace if we want to redecorate.

The quilt was made when Nate was a baby, but went with the color scheme so I hung it up. When I was high on nesting hormones I thought that it would be really cute to applique orange owls onto it to tie it in a little better.  Applique on my sewing machine kind of stinks.  I put this project off for over a year before finishing it, although it turned out pretty cute in the end.  I should have done it while I was still nesting.

I found these neat duvet covers at Ikea. They remind me of feathers.  They have their I Spy quilts on their beds as well, which happily go well with the orange.  Natalie's I Spy Quilt / Nate's I Spy Quilt

 The two cribs.  The ginormous amount of space they take up is ridiculous, but the babies are cute so I guess I will keep them.  I actually had to really search for a crib that was the same style as the one we already had.  I wanted to get one used but they were all white or espresso.  I finally found one that was "honey oak" and ours is "natural" but the price was right and they were close enough.

 I made the teething rail guards and puff quilts for their cribs.  Brandon's set has more of the cooler tones and the brown chevron.

Puff quilts are so dreamy. If you want one of your own I bought the pattern from Honey Bear Lane, worth it!

 And rag finishing made them really easy.  The hours and hours of clipping seams wasn't sooo bad with a drink and some tv series binging on Netflix.
 Alice's set is a bit brighter with warmer tones and the red chevron.

I had fun with the back on her quilt.  Since I was all out of plain white quilting cotton.  I am in love with the pinwheel/houndstooth print. So pretty!

 Twins, but different.

I just did some simple valances for the windows, with the fabric that the whole room was built on.  It is hard to see but there is some orange pom pom trim between the owls and blue gingham, one of my favorite little details.
 I covered a $2 plastic ikea clock with fabric just like I did in the playroom, one of my favorite design tricks now.  So cheap and easy.

 That doorway on the right heads into the upstairs bathroom, and to their closet. Where we store all the clothes for Natalie and Nathan.  Alice and Brandon have plastic carts with their clothes downstairs by the diaper changing station.

 My super awesome hubby built out the shelves in this closet for me.  I found those canvas bins at Target, they each have 3 big bins (pajamas, tops, and bottoms) and we used the smaller bins for socks and undies.

There you have it.  Four kids in one small bedroom.  I actually love that we don't keep toys up there, makes life simpler that all the toys belong in the playroom.  I only wish that there was enough room for our glider in there, that is in my room for now instead.

If  you wanted to see previous versions of this room, here you are:
Version 1- 1 baby
Version 2- 1 preschooler, 1 baby


Dana Marie said...

Great work! I love the many ways your sewing skills were used.