Monday, February 27, 2012

Cookie Concentration

 I saw this cookie version of a memory or concentration game here.  I loved the idea, but was pretty sure that the cards would hold up about as well as the cards in other mangled games we have.

So I made my version out of felt! 16 matching pairs of pretty cookies.

The process is pretty self explanatory.  I just cut felt out felt circles in the colors I needed, used pinking shears to cut around the edge of the colored circles, embellished with embroidery floss, and sewed around the edge with my machine.

 I made a mat on construction paper with circles of where the cookies should be to help reinforce the concept that the cookies need to return to the same spot when playing the game. 

  She is easily able to complete the game with 6 cookies, and did fairly well when I put 2 mats together to make a 12 cookie board.


She was super excited to play and was thrilled when she got a match!