Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Playroom- Part 1

I've been rearranging my house to get ready for the daycare business.  Mostly doing some superfluous childproofing in most of the rooms, but the playroom is getting the major overhaul.  It used to be the family room, where we had the computer desk, play kitchen, toys and books, and my sewing table/craft area.

I've slowly been transitioning the room over, and it's nearly finished.  Last week I made the final big change.  I moved my sewing table upstairs to our bedroom and the glider down to the playroom.  It was very painful, but unfortunately daycare doesn't mix with sewing machines and scissors.

I've had some major Ikea love while finishing up this room, so please bear with me as I sing their unsolicited praises.

There are no overhead light fixtures in this room.  I have a small lamp sitting on the play kitchen, and there used to be another one on my sewing table, which does not live there anymore.  I needed another light fixture in the room, so I found one that I could mount on the wall.  I covered the unsightly white cord hanging down with a tube of fabric, and I like it so much better.

While I was perusing the wonders of Ikea I also found the clock section.  The nicer clocks were at least $10 and they didn't have a plain white clock with numbers anyways.  Then my eyes fell upon the $1.99 white frosted plastic clocks and I knew I could somehow transform it to meet my needs.

It was so simple to cover the clock in fabric. I took off the plastic face cover, wrapped fabric around the outer edge first and then pulled the fabric into the inside.  I used packing tape to secure the fabric around the inner edge and on the back.  Replacing the plastic face cover with the added bulk of the fabric took a little persuasion, but it holds everything in place quite nicely and looking at it makes me smile :)