Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thrifty and Thriving #2

Today was a little bit crazy.  I took both my kiddos to Target, breastfeeding group, and 3 grocery stores, cleaned out my car, and played outside in the beautiful weather with Bug.  I survived, but by the time we were getting out of the car to hit the last grocery store Bug was DONE.  She fell asleep on the way home and when she woke up in the driveway she started wailing about wanting to go to ONE MORE STORE.  She was appeased when I told her we were going to change out her carseat for the brand spanking new seat we got at Target today.  The seat we were using in the truck is about to expire and I found a good deal on the Graco Nautilus at Target, and we just happened to have gift cards to cover most of the cost.  We loved the one we got for my car and I think we're finally done with buying carseats!  Why the switch, you may ask?  Well, the new one is green, and seeing green makes me smile.  Sometimes its the little things.

 As for my developing thriftiness, I think I did a little bit better this week.  It didn't take quite as long to browse the circulars and the coupons, and I've got the bones of a good system for planning meals and shopping lists. I crunched my numbers this week, and today I saved 42% on my groceries! 
 I might have to work on the self control thing so that I don't develop stockpile syndrome.  We have enough potato/rice/pasta sides and fruit snacks to last us for the next 2 months.