Friday, February 17, 2012


 Sorry it got quiet around here.  I've been a little busy :) .

Courtesy of Sir Eats-A-Lot and the Princess of Wails.


They've been keeping my sleep deprived self on my toes lately.  Between the baby's growth spurt and the normal nearly 3 year old drama I haven't had as much time to be crafty. Baby bear is going to be 7 weeks old on Monday.  I can't believe how fast time is flying.

As for other news, in my efforts to be thrifty I have made a solemn vow not to go to Joann's or Michael's or Hobby Lobby or the crafty aisle at Walmart unless I am in dire need of a certain supply for a certain project.  It's ok, because I already have a ridiculous amount of crafting supplies in my stash.  Things that I just loved and HAD to have, things that I found a really great deal on and couldn't resist, leftovers from other projects... you get the picture.  So I am STASHBUSTING!  When I come across a project I would like to do, I must make every effort I can to use things I already have.  As Tim Gunn might say, "Make it work!"  I'll let you know when I've done a stashbusting project, and if your supply stash is just begging to get pulled out of the closet please join me!