Monday, February 20, 2012

Thrifty and Thriving #1

So after getting my feet wet with analyzing circulars and searching for coupons and new coupon sources for the last few weeks, I finally jumped in.  I spent hours with my circulars and coupons comparing sales, finding coupons that I could use with them, and putting it all together into a meal plan to see what else we might need.  I ended up with a shopping list that sent me to a drugstore and 3 separate grocery stores.  I got tired just thinking about it :)

So I left Bug with her daddy and went to town with baby Bear.  It was exhausting, but I got some great deals, stocked up on a few things, and most importantly- I don't have to worry about the constant inner refrain of "what on earth will we eat for dinner tonight?" because I have a plan!

I did underestimate the thrill of seeing my bill go down with each coupon or discount that I used, especially when they doubled automatically.

Hopefully I'll get faster and won't have to spend my entire Sunday reading and planning and shopping.